Municipal Engineering & Consulting

Municipal engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the operation and problems of urban areas, applying the tools of engineering, science, and art. It is mainly concerned with the design, specification, construction, and maintenance of municipal infrastructures such as sidewalks, streets, storage depots, water system, sewers, telecommunication services, electricity supply, solid waste management, and public parks. Several areas of municipal engineering have similarities with some civil engineering fields, though it focuses more on the management of the municipal infrastructure systems and services because they are frequently built and managed concurrently by the same municipal organization.

Municipal engineering is sometimes mistaken for urban design and planning. While urban planning deals with the design of the general arrangement of streets and public places, municipal engineering, on the other hand, is concerned with the detailed plans and specifications for the roads, sidewalks, municipal services, etc. In nearly all engineering consulting companies, structural engineering and municipal engineering are two separate departments. For example, on a specific construction project, the civil engineering department generally handles the structural section and concentrates on the buildings, while the "municipal” side is designed by municipal engineers, focusing on the site.

Several municipal engineering and consulting services offered are the following:

Construction inspections and layout
Coordination with Municipal Departments
County and state highways
Environmental documentation
Flood hazard Approvals
Floodplain management and certifications
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Geotechnical testing and services
Hydrologic and hydraulic stormwater design and planning
Local streets, trails and sidewalks
Lot grading and drainage plans
Ordinance preparation
Parking lots
Parks and recreational facilities planning and design
Private utilities coordination
Retaining walls
Right of way acquisition and relocation assistance
Road resurfacing and repair
Sanitary sewers, septic systems, water mains, and storm sewers
Site analysis and planning
Stormwater drainage management and improvement
Street repair, maintenance, and reconstruction
Streetscape and urban design
Subdivision/Land development and services
Surveying Services
Tax map preparation
Traffic signals, signs and lighting systems
Traffic studies
Waste water treatment systems
Water main Extensions
Zoning analysis

Municipal engineering consultants have extensive experience concerning municipal and county government bodies, as well as with planning, commissions, and zoning boards.  A skilled and qualified municipal engineering consultant firm will make use of quality, effective cost, and control to complete municipal improvement projects on a timely basis and within the budget. Their consultants and government liaison services can guarantee that all projects comply appropriately with all federal, state, county, regional and local regulations, along with securing permits, grants and low-interest loans for a municipality’s developments and improvements. 

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